Friday, 15 July 2016


All India Office Members,
All Central Secretariat Members, 
All Zonal Presidents/Secretaries,
All EC Members of LIAFI, 
Divisional Presidents & Secretaries, 
Honorary Members & Special Invitees,

Dear Sirs, 

Our President Shri. D. S. Shukla, arranged an unauthorised and illegal group meeting at Delhi on 13-07-2016 terming this as Office Bearers Meeting. This meeting do not have the approval of Central Secretariat. I requested him not to conduct this meeting which may develop groupism. I also appealed to all Office Bearers to avoid this meeting. But President conducted this meeting. Only Sarvasri D. S. Shukla, Pratipal Singh Valecha (ZP NZC), M. L. Bapna (ZP WZC), R. N. Deo (ZS ECZC), Awadhesh Kumar Singh (Exe. Vice President), and B. L. Mundra (Ex. ZP CZC) were present. Only 5 Office Bearers out of 24 were present. This act of President and other 4 leaders is nothing but anti-federation activity. This will be viewed seriously and placed before Central Secretariat for discussion. I thank all other Office Bearers who stood by the federation. A Central Secretariat meeting along with all Office Bearers (barring the above 5) and a few Honorary members will be held to discuss this issue. All the unilateral decisions taken by the President by ignoring Central Secretariat will be placed before this meeting. 

The 72nd EC Meeting to be held at Varanasi has been deferred by an unanimous resolution of Central Secretariat on 02-07-2016, which was communicated to all of you already. Yesterday President sent a message that due to non-cooperation and non-submission of accounts of HQ, the EC Meeting is postponed. It is absolutely false and misleading. It is the President who did not answer our queries till today on accounts. Until he submits proper accounts and clarify all our doubts, we will not be in a position to give our accounts. I request all of you to support LIAFI. The date and venue of the deferred meeting will be decided in next Central Secretariat Meeting. 

Thanking you, 
Yours sincerely, 

N. Gajapathi Rao, 
Secretary General. 

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