Saturday, 6 August 2016



Dear Shri. Shuklaji

            Your message on what’s app on 4th Aug. 2016 at about 8.17 am as under

            “Mitro punah Fed. ko vibhajit karne ki sajish ho rahi hai iske peeche Mr. H. M. Jain aur N. Gajapathi Rao dwara Rs. 70 lakh  ka gaban mukhya karan hai. Life fund Mr. Jain Federation ko dena nahi chahte, hum peeche pade the ki EC me baat kar ke agenda me iss vishay ko le taaki EC me rule banaye. Aaj Fed. ke pass 1450 LPM hai iss hisaab se lagbhag 75 lakh Fedration ke life fund me hone chahiye par total life fund me 40 lakh hai. Baaki yeh log nikal chuke hai.”

            Which has indeed shocked me because an absolutely false allegation of embezzlement of Rs. 70 Lakh pertaining to Life Patron Membership along with                     Shri. N. Gajapathi Rao.

            You have further stated that the number of Life members is 1450 and estimated collection of Rs. 70 lakh. It is simply ludicrous because number of members and amount do not tally at all. I am not aware that how many new members have been enrolled after 15th GC at Silligudi. There is no deposits in the Life Fund and you should know better that where you kept the money on this count and in what manner. Your statement is not only misleading but unwarranted.

            As per Life Fund account in the name of LIAFI where signatories are                          Mr. Gajapathi Rao, Mr. Bapna & Myself the balance at the time of 15th GC was 37.25 lakhs in form of FD’s are still remaining the same. Out of interest portion sum of Rs. 4 lacs has been paid to you and LIAFI Vishakhapatnam. Besides this there is no withdrawal whatsoever, I therefore deny your untrue allegation leveled against me. I call upon you to desist from doing such thing which try to damage my image by false propaganda. I further call upon you to give me the source of false information obtained by you and authenticity of your information. In case you fail to reply in a clear cut manner, I reserve the right to file a deformation case against you.  


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